New Maldives Ambassador to Sri Lanka approved amid protests

The local parliament in the Maldives – Peoples’ Majlis – bench has approved the name of Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) as the new Ambassador to Sri Lanka on Wednesday’s sitting amid opposition protests, AVAS Online reported.

Shareef received approval through a total of 28 votes all from pro-government members since the opposition lawmakers had not participated in voting, continuing their chants throughout the proceedings.

The other bill on the floor for a decision was the participation of Maldives in Indian Ocean Rim Association, which also found approval by 27 votes.

The newly appointed Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Shareef is the incumbent Ambassador to Japan. More commonly known among colleagues and in political field, as Mundhu, he had been a pivotal member during the inception of the then Maumoon Abdul Gayoom-led political party DRP as well as the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

Additionally Mundhu has been the spokesperson during former president Maumoon’s regime and filled the designation of Youth Minister during filler-president Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik – who took to office following former president Mohamed Nasheed’s abrupt resignation from power back in 2012. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. From a parliament consisting of 85members, he got approval by 27members. Opposition lawmakers won’t participate where the parliament floor is control by the military. Unlawfully MP Faris, the son of Former President Maumoon is held in prison on false accusations for speaking up against his uncle Yameen Abdul Gayoom.


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