Fans protest at Dambulla stadium after Sri Lanka’s defeat

Angry fans protested at the Dambulla cricket stadium this evening after Sri Lanka continued its losing streak in cricket.

Sri Lanka lost the opening game of the five match One Day International series against India by 9 wickets after losing the just concluded Test series.

The fans initially invaded the stadium as the match came to an end.

The Police and ground staff removed the fans before any damage could be done to the cricket pitch.

However later large crowds gathered outside and inside parts of the venue preventing the team and Sri Lanka cricket board members, including its president Thilanga Sumathipala, from leaving the premises.

Riot Police had to be called in to protect the team and the cricket board members and to clear the venue.

The Sri Lanka team and Sri Lanka cricket board members were able to leave the stadium after several minutes. (Colombo Gazette)




  1. 100% agreed with you Shane,Kholi got the revenge by running out that moron.Past sri lankan cricketers had that personality to stand up against the opposition.For an example see how SL came dominant in 1996 WC semi final. How Aravinda got the calculated risk to attack the indians& the way Mahanama backed up & continued the fight.The main differences I see are the lack of personalty, & lack of ability to use the brain according to the circumstances. Different group of players among this 15, are in differnt worlds.Not focused like a group of players whose exclusive target is to STAND UP FROM THE GRAVE TO TAKE THE REVENGE.

  2. This constant high talk has to stop and deliver on the cricket field. When you have senior players taking pictures with opposing players wife’s before a series this shows a lack of maturity and desperate to get international media attention. What Arjuna is constantly saying is correct young cricketers have no self-respect and pride when paying for their country, here was a captain who always tried to win and especially against India because India was at that time trying to bully teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka but sadly was getting beaten constantly by them.
    India invented this evil entertainment IPL and created a divide amongst opposing players and boards which propelled them to where they are at present lions at home and cubs away from Asia. Sri Lankan cricket has to be MENTALLY STRONG and show the passion they talk in the middle even if you have to get banned for a test or one day show aggression, What Sri Lanka misses is an unifying factor like the Murali chucking controversy to pull them together, I hope this humiliation in the hands of India at your own home will spark some aggression because this defeat is like India conquering Sri Lanka and taking their independence. These young cricketers have to be thought pride and self-respect going behind money playing IPL or other franchises is not the main thing winning and having a strong Sri Lankan cricket team is the most important.
    The senior cricketers did not set the right example in terms of franchise cricket and this was not managed properly by the SLC at that time as well,

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