Foreign Minister asserts no chance of having foreign judges

Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana today asserted there is no chance of Sri Lanka having foreign judges in the post war accountability process.

Speaking to reporters after assuming duties at the Foreign Ministry, Marapana said that the Constitution is clear there cannot be a foreign judge in a local judicial process.

“We have made this clear to the international community and they have accepted that,” he said.

The Minister said that the international call is for foreign jurists to be involved as observers in any judicial process over the war and Sri Lanka will not object to it.

Marapana said the international community is convinced Sri Lanka is committed to ensure justice for the victims of the war.

He also noted that Sri Lanka has been given ample time to implement a Resolution on Sri Lanka which was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in March.

The Sri Lankan government has two years to implement the Resolution but the Minister says Sri Lanka can even ask for more time if required.

“You cannot do this overnight. You need time. We have convinced the international community that we are committed and we are not playing the fool,” he said.

The Minister said that there is no pressure from any country on Sri Lanka with regards to the accountability process as the current government has shown it is moving in the right direction. (Colombo Gazette)


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