Sri Lanka cricket team urges fans to keep faith

Issuing a statement through Sri Lanka Cricket today (15) Sri Lanka White-ball Captain Upul Tharanga has urged the nations’ cricketing fans to rally round the national team and have confidence in the Lankan Lions.

“Every team goes through a rough patch” he said, “This is something that happens in cycles to every team and every nation no matter how great a cricketing nation they are. Sri Lanka dominated in all three formats for a good 18 years – don’t forget this now when we are going through a rough patch.

Obviously there are some things we can’t openly discuss due to strategic reasons but there are certain areas behind the scenes that need to fall into place for us. These areas are being taken care of, and we are seeing the results behind the scenes – however it will take a little more time for it to be seen externally, so please have patience, and most importantly have faith.

Sri Lanka have always been stronger in our white-ball format, and I am confident that we will come out strong and beat India. We have the talent, we have the skill. We have been putting in the hard work, we just need the spirit, and for that we need your support too.

The support of our fans plays a big role in the morale of the team. We play for our country and our goal is to bring pride to our family of 20 million in this nation – so your support is something that matters greatly to us.

Yesterday despite the defeat, we saw spectators cheering us and applauding us – this is what we need.

It inspires us to fight harder too – so as the captain of the ODI & T20 teams, I want to appeal to each every one of you “අම්මම්, තාත්මත්, අක්මක්, අය්මය්, නංගි, මල්ලි. අපි මෙමෙහි විශ්වාසය තබන්න, අපිත් සමග රැඳී සිටින්න. යලිත් සිංහයන් මසේ නැගී සිටින්නට අපිට ශක්තියක් මවන්න,” he concluded.


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