Two suspects arrested over Kopay attack on cops

Two suspects were arrested today over the attack on two policemen in Kopay, Jaffna.

A former LTTE member had been earlier identified as being involved in the attack on the two policemen.

The Police said that the former LTTE member was the leader of the gang involved in the sword attack over the weekend.

Two policemen were injured following a sword attack in Kopay, Jaffna over the weekend.

It was reported that a gang was involved in the attack on the policemen.

The policemen had been admitted to hospital for treatment.  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How many police officers have been attacked during Yahapalana Regime? The problem is with the impression given by the government to ex-LTTE carders. They think that Government has given powers back to LTTE to kill policemen. Grabbing the weapon from a policemen to kill the same office shows the mentality of these LTTE carders. If this trend continues, after few years north situation will be worse than LTTE time. Need to act now.

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