Six Sri Lankans of Dubai security company charged with theft

Six Sri Lankan staff of a security company in Dubai have been charged with stealing Dh1,198,000 from a vehicle they were transporting.

The six Sri Lankans admitted in the Court of First Instance to the charge of theft of the funds that belonged to several branches of a shop in Dubai, Khaleej Times reported.

Two Sri Lankan cleaners have been charged in absentia with possessing some of the stolen amounts.

The two cleaners — who are at large — have also been accused of helping and abetting the guards by letting them use their IDs to transfer some of the money (Dh84,000) to Sri Lanka.

The six guards staged the theft and secured cover for one of them while he stole the big cash.

They gathered later at a flat in Al Rashidiya where each of them received Dh160,000 and left the remaining for various expenses.

The incident took place between May 6 and 10.

The main accused admitted during investigation that they planned the theft a few days in advance.

They rented a flat for the purpose and decided to split the money and transfer most of it back home through money exchange outlets.

They hid in the flat and also in Sharjah. Around 1:30pm on May 6, they went to a shop at the Deira Metro station where they were supposed to collect funds. One of them pretended he was going to the washroom. As his accomplices distracted the staff at the shop, that accused went to the cash transporting vehicle and stole the money bags after the driver, who trusted him, opened the safe door for him. The driver thought the guard would be taking empty bags as usual.

Once they took the cash, the guards fled the scene in two cabs and went to Sharjah where they changed their clothes. In the evening, they gathered in the rented flat in Al Rashidiya.

The main accused was arrested shortly later. Part of the money was recovered from him. He told the police that some of his theft partners managed to transfer their shares outside by using others’ IDs.

Apart from Dh1.1million, the guards also stole SR976, 118 Omani Riyals, 1,190 Qatari Riyals and $740.

All the money in different currencies was recovered from them.

They paid one of the cleaners, whom they met in Sonapur labour accommodation, Dh2,500 to let them use his ID.