DIMO and Vallibel Finance sign special MOU

Proving its commitment to deliver the best powerhouses speedily and conveniently, Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) recently signed a special MOU with Vallibel Finance at the Mercedes-Benz Centre to deliver customised, accessible and convenient solutions and deals to DIMO Mercedes-Benz (Passenger and Commercial) and Jeep customers.

Prime among these offers will be Vallibel Finance’s breakthrough loan facility, the Auto Draft (similar to a bank overdraft), where customers pay an initial down payment of 50% of the value of the vehicle and thereafter pay the interest for only the remaining 50%. Via this short-term liquidity requirement, customers using the facility will not have to have a huge capital base to fulfil their dream of using or upgrading to a brand-new Mercedes-Benz or Jeep vehicle via DIMO.

Customers will also be open to a bonus instalment scheme to pay nothing up to 6 months once 50% of the vehicle value is paid as an advance, with the instalment payments beginning from the 7th month and further facilities arrangeable for 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. This scheme was developed especially for customers who purchase commercial vehicles, where they could earn and then start paying later so as to yield a better return on their investment.

A residual payment scheme amounting to 20% of the vehicle value would facilitate a reduced rental throughout the lease period. Thereafter, only one-fifth of the vehicle value would be payable to the leasing company. No additional interest will be charged here. This scheme was designed for customers who are purchasing passenger and SUV vehicles and would like to upgrade their vehicles after 3 or 4 years without committing themselves to a higher monthly instalment.

As the nation’s premier distributor of luxury vehicles, DIMO has again proved its commitment to its customers, with a history of more than 78 years in the nation. DIMO is the only general distributor for Mercedes-Benz and Jeep, and has always ensured that its commitment to the customer extends beyond the sales point through an array of after-sales services unparalleled by any other in the industry.

Vallibel Finance has consistently proved itself as one of Sri Lanka’s most respected conglomerates. Having revolutionised the role of a finance company with its breakthrough Auto Draft facility, Vallibel Finance has become increasingly popular for its wide array of Hire Purchase, Leasing, Pawning (Gold Loan), Fixed Deposit, Group Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Education Loan and Microfinance Product packages and offers deployed via a cutting-edge framework.