MR says he is ready for talks with the Government

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he is prepared to talk with the Government on issues which concern the country.

Rajapaksa said this in response to a question raised during a twitter question and answer session today.

The former President said that several issues have escalated because of the Government’s inability to find right solutions on time.

“The Leadership must stick to the promises given when they sought a mandate. We can now see clear deviations,” he said in response to a question.


  1. UNP is lost vision of democracy ,now their are remain in power by Police and Security forces .No Idea of having ballot box to an open for public soon. They want build country by BOND scam !
    They will killed many number of citizens to hold power of state. That is democracy.

  2. MR has to learn that your compromised policies with current PRO-UNP working towards to Military Regime back by USA, UK and EU. No election near future that ballots book ahs closed by, MS UNP and CBK!!!

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