Mervyn Silva not sorry for tying man to tree in Kelaniya

Former Minister Mervyn Silva today said he saw no wrong in tying a man to a tree in Kelaniya in 2010.

The then Deputy Minister tied a samurdhi officer to a tree over his failure to attend a dengue prevention programme in Kelaniya.

Speaking to reporters today,  Silva said that the spread of dengue came to a halt since he took action by tying the  samurdhi officer to a tree.

The former Minister also claimed that he had obtained the permission of the samurdhi officer before he was tied to a tree.

“Even if I had tied the man to a tree have I raped anyone? have I stolen from people? I speak the truth. I call a thief a thief,” the controversial Minister said.

He also blamed former Minister Basil Rajapaksa of cutting short his political journey by not giving him nominations at the elections.

Mervyn Silva said that he hopes to return to politics through his new political party, the ‘Peoples Party’ and he will contest the next election.

He also slammed the reconciliation process claiming it is being done only in the interest of some Non-Governtal Organisations (NGO). (Colombo Gazette)