Three new judges of the Court of Appeal sworn in

Three newly appointed judges of Court of Appeal were sworn in before President Maithripala Sirisena, at the Presidential Secretariat, today.

Former High Court Judges A.A.G.R. Amarasekara, A.L. Shiran Gunarathna and Senior Deputy Solicitor General of the Attorney General’s Department, Janak de Silva took their oaths as the new Judges of the Appeal Court.

Secretary to the President Austin Fernando was also present on this occasion.


  1. The tragedy of legal system and an independent of court of law has in lowest rate of impartiality remain since 2015 January 8th even after since 1948 ? This legal chaos has been spread from political and economic arena into court of law under; governances of the MS, Ranil Wicks and CBK led “rainbow revolution” by has been that undermined the ‘rule of law” of Sri lanka.
    The majority citizens has lost faith and confidence of rule of law and the credentials of Judges in court in has been vast scale-down and remarkably decaling than previous regimes. In my view democracy survival of a nation that needed the law and order purely dependent on a country law and order in the working of manner of that Impartially from the FRRE political Authoritarian control of governances.
    The authoritarian mode of governances of state by UNP-RANIL WICKS and MS,& CBK and democracy’S rule of governances are dramatically opposites political phenomenon’s in modern democracy.. These are two ideologies of world democracy orders WHICH accepted by 1945 WOLRD ORDER CAME INTO BEING AFTER END OF SECOND WORLD WAR.THAT IS/WAS APPLY YO JUDICIATY OF WOLRD system of LAW ORDER WAS MAIN PILLAR OF WESTERN ACCPECTS NORMS OF DEMOCRACY.
    WE SRI LANKAN WAS A PART AND PARCILLE OF THAT. We are totally diverting from that UNDER CURRENT REGIME LED BY MS which, THAT BY encouraging, promoting and finically backing by USA, UK AND EU nations of countries. We AS A NATION have to an immediately readdress by changes of current situation by change of regime by the sovereignty of ballots and WIIL OF MAJORITY PEOPLE CONSENT BY PROMPTLY.

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