Sri Lanka third on list of foreign diaspora in Coimbatore

Sri Lanka has come third on the list of foreign diaspora in Coimbatore in India, according to The Hindu newspaper.

Iranians have topped the list. As per statistics provided by the City Police, 75 Iranians are residing in Coimbatore as on May 31, of which 73 are students pursuing various courses in educational institutions.

Sudan and Sri Lanka have come in the second and third place with 67 and 29 expats living in the industrial city.

Of the total number of 352 expatriates residing in Coimbatore, 251 are students who have come to the city for higher education ranging from medial courses to agricultural programmes.

The list also shows the potential of the city as an employer of foreigners. It shows that 46 foreigners are employed in Coimbatore with Indonesia and Germany at the top positions with 15 and 10 employees at various establishments in Coimbatore. There are also five from Korea employed in Coimbatore.

Though Coimbatore is known for the presence of industries, a very minuscule number of foreigners are reportedly visiting the city for business purposes. Similar is the case of people coming for treatment at hospitals in Coimbatore. As on May 31, only seven people were residing in city on medial visa. According to officials, patients from African countries and Middle-East primarily choose city for medical procedures that are cheaper in Coimbatore.

Though there was an upsurge in the number of students from African continent in the past, their presence is slowly shrinking.

Next to Sudanese residing in Coimbatore, 65 of them students, 14 each students from Rwanda and Comoros Islands are studying in city colleges.

According to officials, students from Rwanda had significant presence in Coimbatore which slowly dwindled following changes in programmes offered in some colleges and scholarships.

P. Nandagopal, assistant manager of intelligence services handling foreigners registration with City Police, said that there was a considerable decrease in the inflow of foreign students in 2015 and 2016.

“Foreign students currently residing in Coimbatore are primarily those joined various programmes in the year 2014. Many of them are expected to complete courses this year,” said Mr. Nandagopal.

He added that hotels that have foreign guests are updating the information about them through online services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by intimating the respective police stations.