Government says no demand for merged North and East

The Government says there is no demand for a merged North and East through the new Constitution.

Higher Education Minister Lakshman Kiriella said the process to draft a new Constitution has obtained the support of Parliament, including that of the minority political parties.

Some groups have raised concerns the new Constitution will result in the North and East being merged and divided from the South.

Kiriella however said the Tamil political parties have asserted they will not push for the division of the county or the merger of the North and East.

“For the first time all the parties in Parliament are trying to draft a new Constitution. We need a new Constitution which gives justice and equality to everybody,” he said.

The Minister said once the Constitution is drafted it will be put forward for a referendum to obtain the consent of the public.

Rural Economic Affairs Minister P. Harrison said that the new Constitution is still at a discussion stage.

He said that nothing has been finalised and when the draft is prepared it will be put before the leading Buddhist clergy in the country for their approval.

Harrison said the government has made it clear the new Constitution will protect Buddhism. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The constitution is not a necessity The country is infected with the plague and there is no sri lankan who can lift it off- you were never destined to rule it was an intentional accident by unelected Libtard Harry Truman famous for Big boy and Small boy.
    Now ask the square head Japanese why they are in debt 300% of GDP.

  2. We are totally an opposed proposed draft “new” constitution aim of partition of Sri lanka by Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Upcountry Tamils back by TNA, Muslim Congress ,Plantation Tamils of so-called “progressive Tamils” outfits want to be divide by racial basis.
    The Aim and target of propose constitution is draft by USA and UK lawyers who are behind by Tamil Diasporas link with LTTE Tamil Terrorist and TNA Tamil-chauvinist.
    Nothing else that proposed division of Island is key issues of name of “Federalism” by certain Tamils Trotskyist in and out old LSSP’s and some are Communist Parties rotten eggs who are advocating for New Constitution.
    JVP and so-called Frontline Socialist party of JVP that brain child want disorder current stability to working in fish in trouble water politics by Using so-called “New Constitution” slogan..
    They look at created totally disable to Sri Lankan society and its state the aim of gain political power of state in center by used power of GUN RULE politics of so-called “Socialism” of Nazi Type national ‘socialism’.

    Our nation do not want any type of constitutional shifting Old into New at this time is not that key issues democracy and Development country time being.
    We are an opposed any changes of constitution by the time nation in weak position of political chaos by MS, Ranil. Wick and CBK regime has rule and ruin island last there years.

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