Colombo Gazette content distributed via Asianet-Pakistan

Colombo Gazette content is now being distributed to a global audience via Asianet-Pakistan.

Asianet-Pakistan is among the oldest content distribution companies involved in marketing and distributing the editorial content of publications to international databases, think tanks, multinational, academic, corporate, professional, governmental and non-governmental and research institutions.

Currently Asianet-Pakistan is distributing content to over 300 leading newspapers, news agencies, magazines and journals from 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Colombo Gazette is a leading news and entertainment website, covering stories related to Sri Lanka. The content consists of word, photos and videos and is linked to social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to provide a wider coverage for its stories.

Launched in 2012, the website was quick to catch and retain the attention of a broad audience, locally and internationally for its unbiased, informative news, opinion and entertainment stories. Content from the website is often reproduced by leading international news agencies, including the BBC and cited by various publications locally, too.

Colombo Gazette content is also reproduced by MENAFN, a leading provider of online and wireless financial content and financial technology platforms, to leading institutions and consumers around the Arab world.

Colombo Gazette is also linked to OneM Communications through which the website is promoted via SMS service on international mobile networks. OneM is currently affiliated with major news broadcasters, including Reuters.

Colombo Gazette is well-received by the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka and recommended for its content.