PM asserts process to draft new Constitution cannot stop

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today asserted that the process to draft a new Constitution cannot stop.

Speaking at a public event in Mannar today, the Prime Minister said that the Government has been given a mandate to draft a new Constitution and that mandate must be respected.

He said that discussions have been held with the Chief Prelates and leaders of other religions on the new Constitution.

The Prime Minister said that Buddhism will be given its rightful place in the new Constitution while other religions are also respected.

The Chief Prelates of the three main Buddhist chapters this week decided there is no need for a new Constitution in Sri Lanka.

The decision was seen as a major barricade to Government efforts to draft a new Constitution which will include electoral reforms and a political solution to the Tamil issue.

Parliament has already commenced the process of drafting a new Constitution or amending the existing one. (Colombo Gazette)


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    Charities are like the church the tool – crusade!!
    The government is reportedly planning to extend the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to cover charities who receive public money. In what is undoubtedly fallout from the Kids Company debacle, the proposal that anyone should be able to keep charities honest by submitting requests to see correspondence, performance data and policy discussion from them will prove, in all likelihood, popular? But would it work? And is it right?
    The Freedom of Information Act is not a quick fix for charity transparency

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