Gota briefs top monks on moves to arrest him

Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today briefed the Chief Prelates in Kandy on moves to arrest him.

He said some Government Ministers have stated that he will be arrested in one month.

“Is this justifiable?” Rajapaksa asked while speaking to reporters in Kandy today.

He said the judiciary and not some Minister can decide if he must be arrested or charged. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. He should have been arrested months ago but interference of certain VVIPs prevented his arrest. He should be prosecuted as no one is above law (theoretically) and if he is found guilty government may give him clemency considering his service to the country in eradicating terrorism.However it should be noted that Gota himself was involved in prosecuting another war hero, General Fonseka on fabricated charges.

  2. He should be arrested and tried in courts for the many hundreds of human rights violations of ordering arrests as enforcer of the PTA. Many arrested are still incarcerated as there is no evidence against them. The courts and human rights champions are strangely silent – only because the victims are/were Tamils.

  3. Lanka has the plague and does not need a new constitution.
    Gotabaya is a necessity to run it as a successful singapore police state.
    The government at present is a full fld humbug- gnawing for wealth fame and power.

  4. About time he was arrested! But not one of these arrest and release on bail dramas to fool the public please…

    • you have much too much to hide corrupt man- the stf was bribed to the core for the change in regime that gotabaya did not take into consideration because basil and mahinda were cock sure- the bond scam, $$1.5 billion swap are mones that paid that bribery.- Dr RR said don’t do it and DR SS shot him above the shoulder of modi- modi did change Nepal now it’s being split Xi_Modi control for the better of the landlocked people.
      Lankans were servitude labour until 1948 – 70 years of bloodletting and fraud to the core with gonibillas running the trade also in exporting harems to M.E. and europe.

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