Indian boats to be released on conditional basis

The Government says some Indian boats will be released on a conditional basis.

Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that local fishermen had agreed to requests to release Indian boats.

He said that so far no Indian boat has been freed but since local fishermen have no objections, some boats will be freed under some conditions.

The Minister said that the Government has been very firm on taking action against poaching in Sri Lankan waters.

He said that bottom trawling by Indian fishermen has had a negative impact on fishermen in the North.

Amaraweera said that following talks with the Indian Government, India has taken steps to discourage bottom trawling by Indian fishermen.

He said that Sri Lanka will continue to have talks with India to resolve the fishing issue.


  1. Very foolish move.They will start fishing very next day in our territorial waters wasting Sri Lankan Navy manpower & money letting them to catch them once again.Majority of these Boat owners are Tamil nadu MLA (Local Politician) or Mafia dealers.this what happens when everything politicized.Need from a expert long term solution not Ad Hoc decisions.

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