Government insists Enforced Disappearance Bill not removed

The Government today insisted that the Enforced Disappearance Bill has not been removed from the agenda in Parliament.

The Bill was to be debated yesterday but it was later decided to discuss it at a later date.

Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella told Parliament that some media had claimed that the Bill has been dropped from the Parliament agenda.

He said those reports were misleading and that the Bill is still on the agenda.

Meanwhile the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said there was suspicion as to why the Bill was not discussed.

TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said that there was a feeling the debate on the Bill was postponed owing to recent statements made by the Chief Prelates. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There had been disappearances in Sri Lankan immediate after even the since 1977 after UNP-JRJ regime being to power by hooks of voters mandate.
    What happen no laws has enacted by Parliament of disappearances when UNP leadership in power of pressure by western states including USA -UK to an Island.
    Why was that? Every time UNP’s puppets class are political power in the state UNP’s Economic interest by control of basically the vested interest of USA, UK and EU back forces.
    During such regimes in power that West agencies relax law of all human -rights rules, at a time UNP basically working an economic interest and political hegemony of Imperialist of USA and UK! — Island

    The issues of Disappearances never arise in nationally and Internationally Sri lanka at time of UNP in power recent past? !!!
    The second factor the 30 years War of terrorist initial and launch by LTTE-TNA join venture was by the vested interest of Federalism by separatism aim of builds so- called homeland for the Tamil rough state in North -eastern in Sri lanka.
    The Tamil terrorist War was aim and target on partition of Island rough state for Tamils by aim of building Military for USA-UK base in North part of Island.
    The military base for to control and operated by USA in hegemony of Indian Ocean and South Asian region. That is why USA -UK support of LTTE-war during military operation to having ongoing War can win New Tamil Speaking Rough State in southern tip of Indian Republic.
    The defeated of LTTE and undermined TNA political ambition of road map by national political leadership that lost ambition of USA and UK and the lost ambition of pivot Asian of access to USA military base in Island has been disappear .

    Now USA-UK want bring through UNO agencies to punished Sri lanakn security Forces by bring internal law to punished security forces and as well as political leaders who gave leadership during war defeated LTTE terrorist leadership in 2009 may 18th.

    The proposed Bill in the of parliament aim at “disappearances” is nothing but else put our security forces and political leaders to be frame charges against “War crime” by the vested interest Foreign countries and their hegemonies ambitions .

    This is so-called “disappearances bill” violation of Judiciary sovereignty. The undermined national sovereignty while surrender, an Independent
    Sri lanka to USA big power politics ..
    That is why I am an opposed to proposed disappearances bill to be deliberation in Parliament .

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