Government to go ahead with process for new Constitution

The Government says it will to go ahead with the process to draft a new Constitution or amend the new Constitution.

Cabinet spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that if required a referendum will be sought for the draft Constitution.

He said the Government has been given a mandate by the public for a new Constitution and it needs to respect that mandate.

The Chief Prelates of the three main Buddhist chapters yesterday decided there is no need for a new Constitution in Sri Lanka.

The Chief Prelates reached the decision following a discussion held last evening.

The decision was seen as a major barricade to Government efforts to draft a new Constitution which will include electoral reforms and a political solution to the Tamil issue.

Parliament has already commenced the process of drafting a new Constitution or amending the existing one.

Cabinet co-spokesman Dayasiri Jayasekera said that a draft of the Constitution has not yet been put forward so without a draft a decision on the Constitution cannot be taken.

He said the process is still ongoing and if someone has an issue with the draft once it is put forward it can be challenged in court. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The “Constitution” of SL is, technically, only a unilateral Sinhalese political mandate to rule the island from 1972, Further, the “Constitution” does not permit equality, dignity and justice to all the citizens of SL including the Tamils; a reason for Tamil Genocide.

    Therefore, SL is not a democracy, as falsely claimed by the GSL,

    Justifiably, the UN wants a true democratic constitution with equal rights for all, and Ms Pinto, the UN Special Rapporteur, rightly spoke of a need for a speedy constitution in place for SL, with participation by all nations that constitute it

    But, the Sinhalese, the journalists and their media, do not have either the will or ability to do justice. They want uncivilised Tamil oppression, impunity and genocide to continue, which the civilised world, through the UN, will never permit.

    The Sinhalese and their media are yet to understand and accept that killing of civilians is and will never be an internal matter but a world matter to be addressed fully by the UN, This became entrenched in UN work after the genocide in Rwanda about 20 years ago, But the Sinhalese are still unaware of the automatic internationalisation of civilian killings.

    When civilians are killed, justice becomes a UN matter, especially, when the history of doing justice to the victims of oppression or killing, are biased, with the Sinhalese vernacular judges putting a finger on the scale,

    SL practiced state Terrorism against Tamils from 1979. Arbitrary arrests, torture, disappearance and murder were rampant. The killing, of about 100,000 civilians, including women and children during the last days of war, are Human Rights violations that need justice, and punishment to the offenders,

    SL is like a naughty school kid complaining about his school teacher for his disobedience.,

    What is needed is remorsefulness of the wrongs done to the Tamils since 1972. Unless that is done and the wrongs rectified, the UN will sit on the neck of GSL and the citizens will sit on the brink

    • Dear Sam,
      If LTTE terrorists were in USA and tried to attack the Government, USA will not leave any Tamil alive. Now Sri Lanka could not be divided by Terrorism so the second attempt is to bribe UN to divide the country using the backboneless President and Prime Minister. Unlike Tamils, Sinhalese people are known to be peace loving and violence is not tolerated. If Sri Lanka is bad for you, please take your people to Tamilnadu and fight for a separate State.

  2. “The Muslim Voice” states that we fully support the above opinion and decision of the combined forces of Sri Lanka’s powerful Buddhist hierarchy including all the Mahanayaka and Anunayaka Theras of the three Chapters who assembled in Kandy yesterday to deliberate on vital national issues currently besetting the nation. We appeal to the Sri Lanka Muslim Community to fully support this stand of the Mahanayaka Thheras. This decision of the Mahanayaka Theras will be of much benefit to the political aspirations and inspirations of the Sri Lanka Muslim voters, Insha Allah.
    Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

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