GMOA postpones scheduled strike by one week

The Government Medical Officers’s Association (GMOA) has postponed the strike which was to be launched tomorrow on the SAITM issue by one week.

The strike has been postponed taking into consideration several matters. The Catholic church had today requested that the strike be suspended owing to the spread of dengue.

Government doctors staged a similar strike last month but the strike was later suspended following talks with the President.

However subsequently the Government announced it will not have future talks with the GMOA on the SAITM issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Wise decision by GMOA and President leadership is correct. GMOA is want amicable solution for an Issue of SATIM is very flexible move leadership of GMOA.
    We have no doubt GMOA is honest and sincere for the cause of SATIM complex issues led by President of GMOA Dr Padiniya seek positive results.
    Govt. in power has to address SATIM issues very interest of future generation for better and skill Doctors to be produce in our Land.
    UNP-ruling party has give up not that aim at undermined merits and competence of our generation come into being.
    I view Ministry of Health is NOT suitable position as Minister.
    He should be quite holding position of health, as soon as possible!

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