Dejected Liyanage to resign as Ambassador to Qatar

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Qatar A S P Liyanage says he hopes to resign from his post tomorrow.

Liyanage, who returned to Sri Lanka today, said he was expected to be given the post of Eastern Province Governor.

The businessman said that he was disappointed on hearing that the post had been given to former Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogallagama.

Liyanage, who was appointed as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Qatar in March, is to hold a press conference tomorrow where he is expected to announce his resignation from his post. (Colombo Gazette)

Report by Indika Sri Aravinda


  1. In my view ASP Liyanage should not be given any post in Government. What qualifications does he possess to be given a DPL post? In this country, you have to have right connections to do well in life. No need to be educated. Did Mr.Liyanage pay any duty for importing several luxury vehicles and a fleet of limousines?

  2. Why is President Sirisena tolerating stupid idiots like this guy and offering him Ambassador position?

  3. Sirisena is making all the mistakes one can think of . Where is the punishment for the Criminals , you are rewarding the criminals

  4. Who is this joker. He should not be considered for any We know what he did for Rajaapakse and the mansion. He is just a Clown

  5. What qualifications does this ASP Liyanage have to be an Ambassador or a Governor?

    One time tuition master and land sales company
    Where did he get all the money to build a mansion and sponsor TV shows?

  6. Remember President Sirisena’s promise in Parliament over a special policy announcement on 1 Sept. 2015? He wanted us expatriates to return and promised us a “red carpet welcome.”

    I had returned and cannot even get a reply from him.

    Mr. Liyanage should have known better than to take the President at his word.

  7. Will Qatar go down as Libya after trying to be the honest broker? This may be the reason the businessman is running away soon.- Logistics – transporting the Sri lankan labour force in the event of war??
    In a culmination of hostilities simmering for years and accusations that Qatar is a major funder of terrorist organisations, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have closed the only land route into the tiny peninsula and refused to allow use of their sea ports or airspace.

    The multibillion-dollar preparations to host the 2022 tournament, which involve building nine stadiums and huge infrastructure, is put into perspective by local reports that Qataris are so worried about the blockade that they are stocking up on food. The border with Saudi Arabia is the only road route into the country; Qatar relies on sea ports for its materials and the blockade of airspace is a huge logistical handicap to the country and its flagship airline, Qatar Airways.

      • Gass gembo gass gembo it will rain even with 2 american bases Qatar deliver Bashar al-Assad.
        Libya was great too with £60 billion contract training the Libyan police in counter insurgency.- then all hell broke lose- but this Saudi- game and they have all the tools You need to read Oil war and the $180 billion that flows to EU.

  8. It’s true these criminals were given DPL posts,But one must remember that though Government has changed but still the former President’s eithe rhis Henchman or his sympathizer so its not easy with coalition government

  9. I am surprised as to how Hon President Maythreepala Sirisena always tends to sideline with the A grade looters in the former regime. There ius no secret that Rohitha Bogollagama as the Minister of Foreign Agffairs of maharaja regime misappropriated a huge some of public money . He has spent lavishly during his foreign tours by providing luxurious hotel facilities for his kith and kin. Where is the punishment foir thes looter as promised during 2015 election campaign?

  10. Shame on our government keeping these criminals around!!

    Where is the promise to expose and put them away!?

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