Outgoing Eastern Governor says Sri Lanka yet to fully reconcile

Outgoing Eastern Province Governor and President’s Secretary designate, Austin Fernando says Sri Lanka is yet to fully reconcile.

In a farewell speech to officials at the Eastern Province Governor’s office, Fernando said that every effort must be made to achieve full reconciliation.

Fernando is to take over as the new Secretary to the President tomorrow after the former Secretary resigned recently.

Austin Fernando said that he has been attacked on social media after it was reported he will be the new Secretary to the President.

He said he alerted his family to prepare for the allegations he will face in the media as a result of his new post.


  1. Austin Fernando has left unfinished task which remain Eastern Province. Austin has created in numerable new Problems by mismanagement of misrule governances in last 2 years since 2015 January.
    The Majority community are in displace Eastern by Muslim intervention in land, houses, working places, jobs and holy Temples in Eastern Province.
    The Imbalance of ethnic rife has widen wrong approach of Austin during his policy of anti -Sinhalese and anti-Buddhist advocated by as Governor….Austin.

    His misrule of pro-Muslim policies that an accountability and responsibility has to be look at by Independent committee of inquire of govt. team of officers by impartial persons. .
    Austin Fer… become President’s Sectary is another tragedy of “Good Governances” and !
    That he will manipulated by jungle Laws political physical -powers who are behind Austin Fernando supporters.
    This man -made disasters should be avoided as soon as possible by democratic loving people of Sri Lankan.

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