Austin Fernando to be appointed President’s Secretary

Eastern Province Governor Austin Fernando is to be appointed as the new President’s Secretary.

He will fill the post made vacant by the resignation of Secretary to the President P.B Abeykoon.

Abeykoon had resigned yesterday over personal reasons.


  1. Austin Fernanado is untrusted civil servant in history of Sri Lankan civil services in since independent 1948? He lost all credentials and denied basic norms of administration and management of highest officers of during the duty and accountability of his carrier.
    He is not suitable and an eligible for such position at all.
    The all walk of life Sri Lankan and majority community has lost trust on Austin

  2. We knew the rustic duo was coming out of the benaya when he wrote his first article before elections like a good samaritan in the naxalite goo blog CT. So we have both hands with begging bowls.

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