British widow stranded after Lankan husband was killed

A British widow is begging for help to return home from Sri Lanka after her husband was shot dead last month, the Mirror newspaper in the UK reported.

Diane De Zoysa, 59, says she is destitute following the loss of her husband Priyanjana De Zoysa, 26, last month.

She sold her house in Edinburgh last year to set up home with Priyanjana after meeting him on a holiday six years ago.

Now she says she has nothing after giving him £100,000, buying a house in his family’s name and paying £31,000 for him to set up a minibus service, reports the Daily Record .

Diane added: “I gave up everything to come and live here in Sri Lanka and now it’s ended tragically.”

She was on holiday almost six years ago when she met Priyanjana, who was working at the hotel where she stayed.

The pair exchanged numbers and stayed in touch over the internet after Diane went home.

Seven months later, she went back to Sri Lanka on holiday and the couple married in 2012.

Diane visited her husband several times before moving last year to Ahungalla, a small coastal town south of the capital Colombo.

She said she used the money from selling her home in Portobello to pay for a house to be built and for a minibus for her husband to drive for employment.

But married life was not what Diane hoped for and she suspected her husband of having a second wife.

On May 30, she was devastated when Priyanjana was shot three times at a friend’s house by men she claims were blackmailing him for money.

Diane said: “They thought he was a rich man as he had a nice house, a minibus and a tuk-tuk. He paid
them but they wanted more.

“My husband and his family are very poor, so I have helped them. I gave up everything to join my husband here.

“I sold up in Scotland in order to get the money to get the house built.

“I gave my husband £60,000 and bought him the bus in 2015 for £31,000.

“I paid for our house to be built and it’s still not finished. It never will be finished. It is in his family’s name.

“I never imagined that I would be at my husband’s funeral. I thought that I would die first, seeing as I’m a lot older than him.”

Diane said married life was good until she moved to Sri Lanka permanently.

She claims she became a “prisoner in her own home”, with her husband leaving her alone for days on end, with no money to buy food.

Diane also said she found a marriage certificate at home in Sinhalese showing the marriage of a man her husband’s age to an 18-year-old woman. She could not translate the certificate but she is suspicious it is Priyanjana’s.

She said: “He was always working and never home.

“The age gap between us was 33 years but he said it didn’t bother him.

“He said age is only a number and it didn’t really bother me either. All my family and friends thought it would be a problem and it was in the end.”


  1. If We in Sri Lanka are a descent society, then the police & Courts will redress these kinds of wrong. But We have seen in many cases how the police will act. If you manage to avoid many arrest warrants you still get bail.

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