Enrolling students to SAITM suspended pending new gazette

The Government has ordered the suspension of enrolling students to the SAITM medical campus in Malabe pending a new gazette on SAITM.

Secretary to the President P.B. Abeykoon said in a statement that the new gazette with the terms and conditions on how SAITM will operate in future will be issued soon.

The gazette notification will include the following issues.

-Admission of students to SAITM and offer of degrees will be stopped until the SAITM will fulfil relevant conditions of the government’s gazette.

-As the minimum standards of medical education should be ensured under the law and expeditiously gazette the minimum standards of medical education.

-No institute and person should influence the autonomy and the impartiality of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

-Formation of current courses of SAITM according to a method accepted by the SLMC and forming a system to register the degrees which have already been offered.

-Informing the government’s position about the SAITM, to the Supreme Court.

In addition, actions will be taken to change the administrative structure of the SAITM to be operated as a joint project between the government and private sector.

Actions are carried out to takeover the hospital of the SAITM by the government.

A suitable program will be formed to list the SAITM in share market to gain required funds to SAITM or establish a trust with government/private fund through discussions.

The government with new approach expects to discuss with related parties to solve any issues which are not mentioned above. The government’s objective is to provide solutions to all those issues.

As there is a possibility to solve any other problem which is not mentioned above, the government expects all university students who are not attending to lectures will attend their lectures. The government also expects them to think about their personal future and consider the huge expenditure by the government for the free education, and will act to achieve the common goals expected by the government through free education.

The matters included in this notice were declared taking the submissions and proposals of the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health and other relevant institutes, students, lecturers and the parents of students, Government Medical Officers’ Association, Association of Medical Specialists and other parties which are interested in this matter. The government expects all students will attend lectures by using their intelligence and the conscience for the sake of their future and the free education. The government also thank all doctors who reported for duty, ending up the strike.


  1. When admissions are stopped, there is no income to run the Institute. When MBBS is stopped, the students already in are stranded. Whatever the gazette, it is irrelevant when the SLMC refuses to act according to verdict. There has to be a fresh SLMC report and politicians are naïve to expect it to come from the old brigade. Prez. will not appoint new. GMOA terrorists have one goal and that is to take over. Why does Prez. not give that order and save all a lot of trouble before the next round of strikes, each worse than the one before. Surely there are brains inside skulls. GMOA serves govt. and politicians cant do academic work which is now unified. Only the blind govt. cant see. Dr. Neville’s monopoly is over. Insane PP or Stock Exchange is so weird for medical teaching. Attach SAITM to an already existing uni to solve with wisdom and vision to enter 1 health service. Forget greed for mythical golden Manipal. SL has brains. Govt. is committing worthless, brainless unnecessary suicide

  2. Playing politics with chairman SAITM whose guts the SLMC prez. hates, will not produce academic excellence in disillusioned and confused students who enrolled for a legally approved govt. course of study. After many years still no cabinet paper or gazette. It takes unbiased academics and there are none. Its time for this continuing deception of Public/Private to stop within their heads as there is no action, only lies. 3 batches of MBBS legally approved are waiting till insane SLMC prez steps out. But Prez. agreed to keep him. GMOA elections rigged Saturday with assaults. Does any citizen think GMOA terrorists gave up nationalization of SAITM. They offered to Prez. the bloodless path, unlike Ragama NCMC bloodshed. SAITM has no entry, no exit exam, no hospital, no governing professional board, no money, no future, no justice. Urgent to nationalize even if GMOA also wants.

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