New Sri Lankan music video launched

The explorer’s impulse to travel and zest for new experiences and adventure have been perfectly captured in a vibrant new music video produced and launched in Sri Lanka with sponsorship support from CEAT, the country’s most popular tyre brand.

Aptly titled ‘Never stop moving’ the video produced and directed by the award-winning Sri Lankan music director, playback singer and a video director Sachith Peiris features American pop and classical vocalist Casey Breves who recently sang with Adele at Radio City Music Hall.

The video’s intensely stirring lyrics – the work of the prolific Sri Lankan rapper, singer and songwriter Ashanthi De Alwis – and powerful and evocative imagery of Sri Lankan places and pastimes combine in a pulsating audio visual jambalaya that is expected to take social media by storm.

A 2’43’’ kaleidoscopic showcase of Sri Lanka with stimulating references to blazing trails, unleashing wings, embracing the power and flying through the air, the video is all about the journey and the importance of never stopping.

Speaking at the music video’s launch in Colombo, Mr Bishri Latiff, Deputy General Manager – Marketing of sponsor CEAT Kelani Holdings said the company found the producer’s effort to portray Sri Lanka’s potential as a cornucopia of attractive locations and exciting experiences appealing and worthy of support. “As a maker of tyres, CEAT’s principal role is to help people get to places, and the title and theme of the music video was so aligned to what we are about, that we did not need convincing to support its production,” he said.

‘Never stop moving’ is the second music video sponsored by CEAT. The first, ‘Miringuwa Parada’ (conquering the mirage), by the Germany-based Sri Lankan musician Chitral Somapala was a phenomenal success when it was launched in 2013.

Sachith Peiris, the Producer and Director of ‘Never stop moving’ said he hopes the exciting imagery created by Director of Photography ChamathHansaka and the skills of Production Coordinator Yashinka Silva would resonate with audiences around the world and generate wider interest in what Sri Lanka has to offer its people as well as visitors, while providing music video enthusiasts with great entertainment.

‘Never stop moving’ can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook and Google and is also expected to be telecast by local channels shortly. The vocalist Casey Breves performs across the United States, Europe, and Asia. He sang with the Grammy award‐winning male vocal ensemble ‘Chanticleer’ from 2010 to 2013 and has recently been recording originals and pop covers and releasing videos on YouTube.