ikman.lk guarantees superior user experience

ikman.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest marketplace with an aim to guarantee both buyers and sellers a superior user experience and enhanced convenience recently showcased several upgraded features to its website.

An engaging feature seamlessly integrated into the ikman.lk portal is the Chat function. While generating phone calls and e-mails continue between buyers and sellers, the site has been enriched with an additional Chat feature which allows buyers and sellers to interact and initiate contact with each other,adding further value to the communication process. The Chat function is available for customer listings and those who have subscribed for Memberships.

ikman.lk now offers interested ‘Buyer Analytics’as a valuable tool extended in form of a monthly report to Membership subscribers, ‘Buyer Analytics’ will provide sellers a deeper insight into the behavioral patterns of their customers on ikman.lk with accurate data. This includes the number of clicks on the membership page, the number of clicks on each ad displayed on the membership page, indicators of how many people have visited a particular membership and number of ads viewed on the membership.  Further data is also provided on the number of interested buyers expressing their intent to buy the products for sale.

Ensuring online payments for premium listings such as Top Ads and Bump Ups as well as listing fees are simple, secure and a better user experience for its customers, ikman.lk has now launched its own centralized payment gateway known as pay.ikman.lk guaranteeing transaction success.

Authenticating seller advertisements online, ikman.lk has created a simple and effective SMS notification process for users. When a classified is posted, a unique four-digit verification code is sent to the user’s mobile via an SMS. The code, once received should be entered within the specified 10 minutes, failing which the advertisement becomes invalid. This process ensures buyers’ have access to 100% genuine advertisements and bogus advertisements are not posted.

Simple and friendly ‘Tool Tips’ are now available for all ikman.lk users. The onsite tips offer advice when posting advertisements with easy instructions and guidelines for users to effectively complete their tasks – assistance with advertisement descriptions, optimum angles of the pictures to be posted and possible ‘do’s and don’ts’ are some of the useful tips available.

The ikman.lk Android app not only provides easy mobile access to the largest online marketplace but has been enhanced with an add-on feature titled ‘find my location’ which locates items for sale on ikman.lk within the given radius from the location of interested buyers.Offering users additional support.

“We are committed to providing not just the largest online marketplace for our users, but a superior, convenient and equally pleasant experience at any point in their relationship with ikman.lk, ensuring satisfied, and returning, customers” said Stefan Beekmeyer. Director Marketing & Sales, ikman.lk