Doctors suspend strike following talks with President

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) today suspended a strike launched on Thursday following talks with President Maithripala Sirisena.

Earlier, Health Ministry sources said that government doctors who were on protest last week on the Malabe SAITM campus issue were to be dealt with by the Ministry of Health.

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had been discussing steps which need to be taken against the doctors who had failed to fulfill their duties to the public.

There was a huge public outcry last week as the strike by the doctors led to patients being stranded.

Some government doctors who took part in the strike were found to be practicing at private clinics.

One such doctor was captured by state television and he ran out of the private medical centre when he was captured on video engaging in private practice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. For the deaf and blind re the GMOA writing on the wall, the agreeing to halt SAITM admissions and also the graduation of existing students are the 1st steps to the shift to nationalization. GMOA stresses that in Ragama take over, there was a loss of students lives, whereas now they offer the Prez. and PM the bloodless path. However twisted and obtuse SLMC Prof. Carlo is, he has experienced the Ragama takeover of Prez Premadasa, while legislature is totally clueless how to complete this action. They take ages to even receive NFTH handed on a platter. Academic thinking and not political stock market must lead to action. This is not public/private airlines or banking, but a steady continual resource without eyes focusing on profit all the time, but the focus is on curing patients. Violence is what we have tolerated and created through lawlessness and we are on the fast lane to chaos and anarchy. GMOA is now a terrorist organization but even with threats, they cannot be eliminated from the govt. with its shorter life span than GMOA. Visionary wisdom of the govt. even now to take over SAITM and attach it to a regular structured and ordered uni like Moratuwa who have asked for a medical faculty is the only way to give justice to this locally approved MBBS to go into internship. “Standards” is not the issue except to win argument. Its not who wins, but who prevents death repeat chaos in SL. Grateful to Dr. Neville, but his 8 years exhausted, bereft of Prof. boards. Carlo has know how without experimentation

  2. Violence is what we create. GMOA is now terrorizing dictatorship. If Prez. decides to keep the SLMC head also, in the long term interests of building this nation and not being subject to intermittent chaos, it is wise to nationalise SAITM and hand it over to an established uni. (Moratuwa) wanting its own medical faculty. We are very grateful for Dr. Neville’s venture which has now reached its maximal potential. Patients need honest continuous constant non fluctuating stable resources, not a money crazy peaking stock exchange. Profs. for Board need integrity, hard to find. Uni.order is built in academic structure. Nationalise or perish. Approved local training into MBBS is good enough to achieve equal standard with “state” after internship. Only 1 Health Ministry. Manipal/Monash 6 years away.

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