Prominent Sri Lankan economist Saman Kelegama has died

Prominent Sri Lankan economist, author and the Executive Director of the Institute of Policy Studies (Sri Lanka) (IPS) Dr. Saman Kelegama has died.

He died while in Thailand, reports said. Dr. Saman Kelegama, yesterday moderated a session on “Identifying the Linkages between Preferential Trade Arrangements and Inclusive Trade: Revisiting the Literature” at the Regional Dialogue on Enhancing the Contribution of Preferential Trade Agreements to Inclusive and Equitable Trade held at the UN ESCAP Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. Saman and I were hostel room-mates during our first year at IIT Kanpur. He was passionate about econometrics and had a plan for life even before we left Royal. He worked hard toward his goals, and as we mourn his passing, we can say he already accomplished more than even what he dreamed. May his family be consoled in their grief.

  2. Dr. Kelegama resurrected me from a major crisis and a drawback in my career in 2001 and I am indebted to him for the rest of my life for that. Sir, may you attain Nibbana

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