Sri Lankan Muslims in Canada write to Justin Trudeau

Sri Lankan Muslims in Canada has written to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking his intervention over the violence in Sri Lanka targeting Muslims.

The letter states that minorities in Sri Lanka are once again facing a crisis. The diaspor urged the Canadian Prime Minister to intervene through his office to stress upon the Government of Sri Lanka to take prompt action.

“Once again the minority communities have come under persistent intimidation and attacks, perpetrated by a group of radical Buddhist monks and extremist groups which has reached a critical and intolerable point. These groups have targeted Muslim and Christian places of worship, businesses and homes. We also fear that they are planning to unleash major violence by creating a riot situation similar to the one in 1983, where the Hindu and Christian Tamils were targeted. As a matter of fact, these same groups orchestrated violent attacks on the Muslim community in a southern suburb, Aluthgama in June 2014; with loss of lives and significant damages to businesses and properties,” the letter said.

The letter dated June 17 says to this day the Government of Sri Lanka has failed to address the issue of compensation to the victims in a meaningful way or taken steps to prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

“This inaction has created an environment of hate mongering and religious unrest to alarming proportions. In spite of a change of regime in 2015, that came to power with promise of sweeping changes, the Government of Sri Lanka and the law enforcement authorities has so far failed to take any positive action to resolve this grave and escalating situation. Statements and assurances made to local and International audiences by the political leadership and law enforcement authorities has been nothing but empty rhetoric,” the letter said.

The diaspora appealed to the Canadian Prime Minister to leverage through his diplomatic channels and bear upon the Sri Lankan Govt. by expressing his concerns for the safety of the minority communities and preserving peace and safeguarding the fundamental rights of all citizens, especially the freedom of worship, enshrined under the constitution of Sri Lanka.

“We would be profoundly grateful if immediate action is taken on this matter before it escalates to further violence and loss of lives and property,” the letter added.

A list of attacks on the minority Muslim and Christian Communities during the past six weeks has also been attached with the letter. (Colombo Gazette)
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