Discussions underway with foreign airlines on Srilankan

Discussions are underway with some foreign airlines to reach a deal on operating Srilankan Airlines, State Finance Minister Eran Wickramaratne said today.

The Minister said that the talks are at “discussion level” and nothing was concrete as yet.

The State Minister also insisted that there was no move to sell Srilankan off to any party.

Last week the management of SriLankan Airlines pointed out that since the unity Government was formed, the airline’s losses have been dramatically reduced. The airline said that Rs. 91.8 billion in losses suffered between 2011 and 2015 had reduced to a fraction of this colossal number by 2017.

The airline said it is now undergoing a modest recovery in revenues and is about to launch significant regional expansion. Three new destinations in India, direct flights to Hong Kong and Guangzhou and a long awaited non-stop service to Australia are all planned in the coming months.

Further restructuring is required in order to reduce the cost base and make the company competitive in this extremely challenging market.

The Directors and management team are confident that with the support of the shareholder, the recovery of the national airline will continue and the positive trend will be further improved upon. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If fly on a Mumbai route you may able to see the amount of food wastage. At the time of the departure not a single human being will consume a meal

    This all commission from Mumbai Carter that’s Staines the airline dolleres runs in to millions

    The SMT keeps a blind eye because of a huge commission that’s one side of the story

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