Jaffna on strike in support of Wigneswaran as CM

A strike was staged in Jaffna today in support of Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran.

Most shops were closed and public transport was at a standstill in support of the strike.

The strike was staged following moves to remove Wigneswaran as Chief Minister.

The TNA is pushing for the removal of Wigneswaran. The official website of the TNA reported yesterday that Wigneswaran is likely to be removed from office soon by the Ilankai Thamil Arasuk Katchi (ITAK) which fielded him as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the political formation known as the TNA in September 2013.

The website reported that ITAK is seriously contemplating the removal of Wigneswaran as Chief Minister in the context of the current corruption scandal that has rocked the Northern province. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Vigneswaran is a Political misfit. He is not corrupt. He didn’t knew almost all Tamil politicians are corrupt. During 1970/77 Govt all Tamil politicians gave government jobs for Money. Almost all MPs in the North and east have sold their duty free cars. No genuine man hold a political position in SL. Politicians come to make money. One must pave way for that. If not, one is crushed.

  2. By bringing a no confidence motion against the chief minister, honourable Mr.Vigneswaran,the enemies of the ordinary tamils want to suppress his voice who speaks the truth and fight for the right of the tamils.There are some culprits and cutthroats among tamils,who wanted to support the goverment only for their benifit,ignoring the welfare of the tamils.May god bless Mr.Vigneswaran to live for long time,inorder help the tamils unlike the bootlickers.

  3. Fools who enjoy ignoring, isolating and assassinating intellectuals would not have a clue how much a strike affects their own economy.

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