Special treats for fathers at Amaya Resorts & Spas

Fathers play a big role in a child’s life. Children look up to their fathers for everything. Sons look at their dad as their perfect idol while the daughters think their dad is the superhero in their life and that no dad is the best expect their dad. Now as we grow up and become parents ourselves, we see the love and protection showered upon us by our fathers.

That’s why June 18th is celebrated as Father’s Day the world over and is given as a day to show Fathers how much we love and appreciate them. Amaya Resorts & Spas has come together to give all fathers a special time off on June 18th with treats and gifts.

Amaya Hills: Head up to the hill capital and enjoy a special dinner at Amaya Hills Rasawasala Restaurant. Dine with your father on June 17 or 18 and choose from a five course set menu or the international buffet. Both dinners are priced at Rs. 2500/- nett per person but as our treat to your father, he will dine free, get a glass of wine as well as special gift and 50% off on an Ayurveda Treatment at the Panchakarma Spa. For reservations please call Hiwudath on 0777-538-345 or Anil on 0774-820-637.

Amaya Beach: Take a trip to our East Coast Beach Haven and treat your dad to a lovely weekend getaway. For a table of four or more, dinner will be Rs. 3000/- net per person while dad dines free.

Amaya Hunas Falls: Take a trip to Hunas Falls and while playing a game of gold at their Gold Pavilion, treat dad to a special High Tea. The spoilt for choice includes Mini Seafood curry puff, crispy fried duck wonton, Leek Bluecheese and olive tarts, steak on mini bagels artichokes & semi-dried tomato and more. If he craves sweets then he won’t be able to resist the white chocolate & raspberry tart, summer honey &hazelnits steam pudding or the Belgium waffle on white chocolate cheesecake prune salsa.

Amaya Lake: Spend a day with us at Amaya Lake and enjoy a welcome drink, lunch buffet and evening tea or coffee for just Rs. 2500/- nett per person. For reservations please call on +94-66-4-461-500 or lakereservations@amayaresorts.com.

Amaya Langdale: If your dad loves a weekend off in cool atmosphere, then Amaya Langdale is the place for him to go. A special Father’s Day dinner has been prepared just for him. Choose from appetizers such as handpicked fresh green lettuce & peppered green apple or lemongrass infused spicy seafood Tom Yum from the soups. For mains he can choose a meat, seafood or vegtable dish. For desserts there is the Brandy flamed fresh NuweraEliya pear served with Butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. The dinner is priced at Rs. 3000/- nett person and of course fathers dine free.

Show your father how much you have appreciated him every day and this particular Sunday (June 18th) make it extra special with Amaya Resorts & Spas. For any further inquiries please call on +94-4-767-800 or email reservations@amayaresorts.com.