Eco-Ayurvedic Treatment at Amuna Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science where Ayu means “Life” and Veda means “Science” which translates to Science of Life. Ayurveda is accepted as the oldest scientific medical system with a long record of clinical experience and is a complete way of life.

Taking all this in, Amaya Resorts & Spas unveiled an Eco-Ayurvedic Treatment resort – Amuna Ayurveda Retreat, which is something truly holistic embodying the authentic Sri Lankan traditional herbal experience to ensure a relaxed, unforgettable and of course a healthy vacation.

Located on an area of 20 acres at Kumbukkandanwala, Dambulla and just 2kms way from Amaya Lake, Amuna offers a variety of treatments and therapies which includes yoga, meditation and a strict in-house organic diet. Stepping into the property, you will find that it is not your ordinary set up of an Ayurvedic Retreat. The environment is surrounded by paddy fields, vegetation and trees of every kind with views of the mountains in the distance.

Built with eco-friendly and recycled materials there are 13 rooms – 8 dwellings, 1 villa and 3 Tree houses along with a restaurant, lobby, consultation room, treatment and therapy rooms. The guest rooms are designed to merge elegantly with the vibes of Amuna and its ancient traditional elegance. They all come with your normal amenities such as the tea making facility, Air-Conditioning, bath amenities and more.

There are 10 treatment rooms, two Shirodhara rooms and one special rejuvenation unit while Herbal Aromatic Steam therapies are housed in two separate steam baths and Ayurvedic herbal baths are available in four special indoor tubs.

Moving on to the treatments, you can choose from three main treatments SuwaShanthi (refreshing mind, body & soul) which breaks into 7 days, 14 days & 21 days whileNiroga (revitalizing body) and Swastha (healthy living) break into 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, 21 days, 25 days and 30 days. There’s also Yoga & Meditation that gives the best wellness experience possible according to your time, health requirements and budget.

As all these come with a healthy diet programme, every meal that is made for the guest plays an important role. A guest will be prescribed a diet consistent with the physicians’ diagnosis and recommended treatment. Every food that is made and served to the guest such as the fruits and vegetables are all grown in the retreat itself. No meat or alcohol is served at Amuna.

Everyone is prone to stressful situations and difficult encounters that result in stress. And the only way to deal with all the difficult situations will differ on one’s frame of mind. So take a little time off and log on to our website to know how you can start your journey to a healthy and rejuvenating life.