Joint opposition claims revenge being taken on military

The joint opposition today claimed in Parliament that revenge was being taken on military officers to appease the international community.

After submitting a motion to Parliament on the Geneva Resolution, joint opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena said that the Geneva Resolution was a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

He said that in order to keep those who supported the Resolution happy, the Government had arrested some military officers over allegations they were involved in some criminal incidents.

Gunawardena noted that when the world was calling for action on terrorism, the very countries called for action against Sri Lanka for defeating terrorism. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Nobody is against wiping out terrorism,but people are against killing innocent civilians under the name of wiping out terrorism?mr.Gunawardena do you know how many younsters were kidnapped and dumped? The goverment killed more than three lakhs of tamils from air,land and sea.This was done by racist s Mahinda and Gothapaya who purposely wanted to reduce the sizable amount of tamil community.We believe in justice and we know that god will punish those who did this atrocity to tamils.God never fails.

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