Sri Lanka to pursue “friendship with all, enmity with none”

Sri Lanka will pursue a “friendship with all, enmity with none” policy, new Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake said during a meeting with the diplomatic corps in Sri Lanka.

Minister Karunanayake, at his first briefing session held for the Diplomatic Community and Honorary Consular Corps, thanked the countries for their generous and timely assistance following the floods and landslides.

He also expressed his gratitude to the countries that sent messages of sympathy and expressed support for the people of Sri Lanka at this difficult time, the Foreign Ministry said.

The Minister highlighted the challenges that lay ahead of Sri Lanka in handling the post flood recovery, reconstruction of affected areas, as well as building capacity for the Prevention and Mitigation of future disasters. He underlined the cooperation and assistance that Sri Lanka would expect from its bilateral and multilateral partners in implementing projects in these areas.

Minister Karunanayake reiterated that under his stewardship, Sri Lanka will pursue the policy of “Friendship with all and enmity with none”. Acknowledging the success made by the country in the area of Foreign Relations with its partners, under the stewardship of former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mangala Samaraweera, the Minister assured the Diplomatic Community that he would strive to build on the success of his predecessor.

Minister Karunanayake further affirmed that he would seek to translate the prevailing positive climate into securing economic benefits for the country by focussing more on commercial diplomacy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Vasantha Senanayake also addressed the Diplomatic Community and expressed his desire to work with them very closely. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We having No any valid reasons to shifted Non-Aliened policies in fervors of any big-power politics and their hegemonies in South Asian Region.

    We are in line of stickily want to be that Indian Oceans Peace zone by ruling alliances of currently power which an Ideal neutral foreign relationship with all countries.

    This is a responsibility of Sri Lankan side is important a key factor of guided policies of Minister of Foreign affairs..

    By that time we are not committed any Military or Naval or Air alliances nexus to Big-powers; in that presence of around an Island Ports, Air and Land by ruling authorities in correctly handily relationship with many revival nations inn Indian Ocean by current power that at — center at Colombo —-
    Sri lanka.

  2. Sri Lankan has a long-history of non-Aligned country since 1956. We are an opposes any military blocks led by USA’s domination of third world countries and denied politics of Neo-colonialism.
    An Islanders nation of Sri Lankan was leading member of Non -nation that we were NOT committed of no any power-block since 1961 of first Non-Aliened Conferences.
    In 1976 we held Non-aligned conference in Sri Lankan by Primer of SRB leadership as followed same foot -path of set of foreign polices.

    The very UNP is advocated by USA politics of Pro-western stander are undermined ours national sovereignty of as well as sovereignty of whole third world countries .

    The Current Minister of foreign affairs as a guy-he is lack of knowledge of vast area of Global politics. Even current MOF has no senses of ABCD of Non-aligned policies of Globally accepted by majority of countries in world

    He( Minister of Fore…) cannot that learn very short period of time by new age of Global changing issues and policies advocating by emerging nations and as well as USA led moribund forces in by western think-tank.

    Ongoing that Global issues are complex in many forms .
    Lack of UNP leadership of an uneducated of orthodox guys are lagging behind to seek new resolutions challenging by Global issues.
    His knowledge far below current level of Global changes and standards.

    I view under present Minister of Foreign Affairs is that Sri Lankan can stand for Non–aliens nation is doubtful ?

    Preset politics of South Asian and hence the Monsoon politics of Foreign policies are that nexus with Indian Ocean hegemony by US-Indian rivals with China is most complex one?

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