Sampath Bank commemorates 30th anniversary

Sampath Bank conducted a series of religious observances relating to all major faiths in the country to invoke divine blessings on occasion of its 30th anniversary, which was celebrated in March.

An all-night “Pirith”was held at Sampath Bank’s Head Office, followed by a “Heel Dhanaya” the next morning.Religious ceremonies were held at the Sri Dalada Maligawa, Ruwanwelisaya, Kelaniya Dathu Mandiraya, Matara Bodhiya, Jaffna Nallur Kovil, Negombo St. Mary’s Church and Colombo Grand Mosque recently.

Members of Sampath Bank’s senior management team including the Bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Nanda Fernando attended these events together with several members of the Sampath team.

Sampath Bank has grown from strength to strength over the past 30 years, emerging as one of the largest private banks in the country with an extended branch and ATM network throughout the country.  Renowned for being a bank that truly embodies the spirit of Sri Lanka, it has also been the torchbearer for innovation in the country’s financial services sector right from its inception. Continuing to uphold its values, Sampath Bank charges ahead with renewed commitment to offering world-class, cutting edge financial services to all Sri Lankans.