President visits Ratnapura approves more funds for relief

President Maithripala Sirisena visited the flood and landslide affected areas in Ratnapura today and inspected the damage.

“I came to Rathnapura today to oversee the progress of disaster relief work. I am pleased to see the selfless service of public officers,” the President tweeted.

The President later approved the release of more funds for the disaster relief work in the area.


  1. Your Excellence that your ruling regime every event of natural disasters and man-made disasters that all action plan is always slow and delay. Half millions of displace many of them homeless. No shelters for US .
    Food and daily needs are not near by.

    Our children are suffering is sever . Rain is supposed to come, no plan is ready provide to safeguarded of life.
    No govt. agencies looking after our acute problems.

    It will not that answers to any disasters of the majority people difficulties by MS and Ranil W… regime .

    President abandoned vested interest of People by intentionally.

    We have been given promised that become broken one by President mandate 2015 January of “Good governance and rule of law” are not presently that working on ?

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