Death toll continues to rise, 164 confirmed killed

The death toll from the floods and landslides experienced in the country on Thursday continues to rise with 164 people now confirmed killed.

Search and rescue operations are continuing with 104 people said to be missing.


  1. More than half a Million of People are displace ,the death toll has rise to closed 200 hundreds. Relief has not reached to victims, not only that private Television net work is disturbing some goods to the people that is in Not big portion.

    Still flood majority victims has no rescue operation by govt. agencies by Air, Land and boats. The govt. is totally neglected President is no where ,Prime-Minister has gone for the vacation of USA. Many Ministers has enjoying holidays in oversees.

    An Enforcement authority has no taken any actions without orders from center of state-powers. Police ,Army, Navy and Air forces by inactive . Rescues operation paralysis by inactive of govt.initiatives .

    The ex-President of CBK is working for New Federal Constitution by order of Tamil Diasporas ,TNA and Muslim Congress and Indian Upcountry – Tamil leaders of former Tamil coolies want & proposed new administration of UP country province .

    The so-called Western “democratizes” want partition of Island during this natural disasters by taking advantages out of the time people are in calamity .

    The Homeless are unaccountable ,victims has not yet reached to disasters centers set up by Govt. in rural areas.
    Majority people are in hungry -jacks .Day to day survival is acute problem of nation in flood disasters areas.

    The Members of governances ruling party in Colombo resident in most of Parliamentarian are Not be seen near or far! Ministers cannot reached by victims at all!@
    How to overcome current natural disasters is key problems challenges by majority of People life’s is new challenge of Democracy of Island.

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