China to send disaster relief goods worth USD 2.2 million

The Chinese Government announced it will donate emergency humanitarian disaster relief goods worth a total amount of RMB 15 million (about 2.2 million US dollars) to the Sri Lankan people who were affected by floods and landslides.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang sent condolence messages to President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe respectively on the tragic loss of life and property following the heavy rains that led to severe floods and landslides recently.

On behalf of the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese leaders extended sympathy and condolences to the Leaders, Government and people of Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Government will give full support to the disaster relief operations of the Sri Lankan Government.

“We believed that under the leadership of the Sri Lankan Government, Sri Lankan people will surely conquer the disaster and rebuild the homes at the earliest date possible,” the Chinese Embassy in Colombo said.

The relief goods from China, which will be sent to Colombo by a Chartered flight soon, includes tents, blankets, sheets, rain boots and life jackets urgently needed by Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross Society of China also granted US $ 100,000 emergency humanitarian cash assistance to the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society for their disaster relief efforts.

Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese in Sri Lanka will also try their best to help the disaster affected people through donation and other ways. (Colombo Gazette)




  1. It is very that well known fact the People Republic of China is friend of our People, when we in disasters came to help and assist us not only now, even in the past several decades ago.

    China’s President and Premier that generous support of big funding will great relief to our people who have been victims in this time.
    The crux matter is that funds will go real victims is suspicion under current ruling party led by MS-President ,Rani W,,, of Primer and Ex-President of CBK is really doubtful.

    During many disasters in the last 30 months which disasters funds and goods has not reached real victims under leadership of Sirisena … Dr Ranil and Chandirike.

    Our nation is sever in the chaos of disasters by current govt. They not taken any action plan recovered disasters. Current regime has no accountability of any problems been face by people of Island not address the by ruling governances leadership.

    The Time of disasters leader has been leaving country for personal holidays . Nobody in charge of Flood disasters. The problems of crisis is face by people at time current leaders has not that given directions taken any action by enforcing authority.
    The Flood is acute problem of the people of half millions of people has lost homes and majority become homeless ,they are living without shelters and daily food has not provided by Govt. of Sri Lanka.

    The death toll has rising that to closed to 200 two hundreds . Displaces of people are over half millions. Current flood came after 1943 worst flood in Sri Lanka

    The country in line of worst catsastopory, it will leads to feminine by Western nation kept silent & never help us of during such a crisis.
    The Indian of BJP-RSS govt. are dodging issues and waiting to want that take advantage out of the crisis which that during Flood disasters —Island?

    The our majority of People become helpless!
    The Leaders are enjoy holidays , this is like that what has happen in Roman Empire during era of collapsed of Romans ? Situation of tragedy ,country in anarchy ,no rule of governing is working at all power authorities are become lame ducks ?

    Is that the current regime of “democracy” ……. system of “good governances” and “rule of law ” seems to be paralysis ? Majority People are become voiceless!

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