Sri Lanka seeks assistance to handle flood situation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has activated the Emergency Response Unit of the Ministry, to coordinate rescue and relief measures related to the flood situation in several parts of Sri Lanka.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Ministry of Disaster Management, has made an appeal to UN,  International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) and neighboring countries to provide assistance to affected people, especially in the areas of search and rescue operations.

The Ministry will continue to monitor the flood situation and seek assistance as required in consultation with the Ministry of Disaster Management. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There were many Man made and Natural disasters since 2015 January ,not a single issues has been address by Sirisena( New ) UNP and Ranil …(Old) UNPand CBK that governances.

    How is that poor and have not’s going to survival in day to day life.

    Due to disasters majority peoples’ life -lines has lost many, then become homeless and lost of life are more than hundreds . Victims has not paid any sufficient funding to regain and back to normal their life by current “good governance” by leadership of UNP Sirisena and Ranil W… misrule.

    Indeed No that “Rule of law” of has give any access to victims to seek assistances and founding from Govt. funds since last 30 odd months.
    The President and Primer is almost out of the country every two months They traveling one after another turn by turn of Govt. money .

    These this leaders expenses are borne by Tax payers..Is their are having common senses of public feeling and distress .
    How is govt. import billions of Rupees for foreign vehicles by President and Primer?

    All that tax payers Money spending for personal leisure and enjoyments going aboard with large number party official, Ministers and their friends and Kids of family members. No body address key issues of disasters by public ?

    Current ruling regime has no democratic accountability at all?

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