Coffee in Comfort at Café Mocha at Gandhara

Great coffee, great food,great people and a great ambience – this is the differentiating factorat Café Mocha, Gandhara.

Café Mocha takes the typical coffee experience literally to another level by adding more levels of space to give rise to a spacious café served by the nicest people in town.

The café takes pride in its great atmosphere,which is like no other.

With the addition of two more floors to their former outlet which served a great many guests on the ground floor, Café Mocha has expanded seating to accommodate more guests and groups of all kinds –couples, friends, little family gatherings and even business meetings.

The café has even opened its premises for many events such as book launches, photography exhibitions, birthday parties and Open mic nights, establishing itself as a truly versatile location.

Sporting a rustic themed interior with wooden floors and walls adorned with paintings and images of historic greats such as John Lennon and Che Guevara along with cartoon heroes such as Tin Tin, the café takes you back in time, making it the perfect place to unwind and catch up with friends.

Bundle up in their comfy sofas with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingering through the air while you indulge from their extensive dine-in menu.Stepping away from the mundane café menu, Café Mocha offers a great deal of great cuisines from around the world.

Despite this chic and upmarket atmosphere, Café Mocha still manages to maintain the casual dining experience as well with a complete food menu.

The outlet offers a great deal of different cuisines from around the world. Some of the favourites on the menu include Café Mocha’s take on the classic chicken lasagna and the mouth-watering all day breakfast they call “The Works”.

As the name suggests this dish comes with eggs as you like it, bacon, sausages and sundried tomatoes for a fulfilling meal any time of the day. Panini’s and sandwiches stuffed to the brim with smoked chicken and pesto and Jaffna prawn respectively are also two meals that are sure winners. To wash it all down an array of coffee based hot and cold beverages or tropical coolers can be paired with any of the complete meals on the menu. Save room for dessert as Café Mocha is well-known for its cakes, brownies, muffins and cookies that ooze goodness.

One of the best parts about ordering at Café Mocha is the warm, friendly smiles of the staff that ensures you feel quite at home. The staff is well trained to value and take care of each customer that walks in the door. With service levels being at the helm of their operations Café Mocha promises a unique experience at every visit.

Whether it is to get some work done, read a book or have a nice chat, Sri Lanka’s café culture is growing. Café Mocha sets the perfect ambience for this and leaves its customers spoiled for choice of food and drinks to enjoy the ultimate café experience.

For more information, please call Café Mocha on 0112 055491.