UN urges Sri Lanka to act against those inciting hatred

The United Nations (UN) has urged the Government to act against those inciting hatred.

UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka, Una McCauley said that last week Sri Lanka celebrated Vesak and this week the teaching of the Lord Buddha are being drowned out.

She urged the Government and the people of Sri Lanka to stand united against those inciting hatred.

Her statement followed a spate of attacks targeting Muslim property, including mosques and business establishments.

The US and UN envoys in Colombo had also spoken out against the incidents.

Meanwhile, a Muslim Civil Society delegation met Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan today and briefed him on the threats faced by the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Come on UN wake up. This is Sri Lanka. A country where thugs like Mervyn Silva obtains the highest number of preferential votes contesting in a cosmopolitan area where a majority of educated people live. No politician ( Other than maybe Hon. Mangala Samaraweera) will have the guys to put that rogue monk behind bars.

  2. I appreciate the first step the UN has taken and I request the UN to continue the same till this calm down and not to repeat in future.


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