Brit yoga instructor fighting for life after Sri Lanka crash

A Brit yoga instructor has been left fighting for life after a horrific crash on the streets of Sri Lanka, the Sun newspaper reported.

Ivana Tensek’s devastated family are now desperately trying to raise £50,000 to bring her back to London and cover her medical costs.

The yoga teacher and keen surfer was forced to undergo a 12-hour operation after the severe collision last Thursday left her with broken bones in her legs, pelvis and hands.

She is now in a “critical” condition in a Sri Lankan hospital and her family are trying to get her home so she can receive the best care possible.

Close friend Yenabi Talitha-Cumi Araújo said: “Unfortunately Ivana was involved in a serious collision on the streets of Sri Lanka.

“It resulted in the need for 12 hour operation and has left her hospitalised in ICU with severely broken bones in her hands, legs and pelvic area.

“Ivana was due to return back to the UK in less than a week but she is in a stable but critical situation and time is of the essence to get her back home to London.”

Yenabi, who set up the GoFundMe page, said Ivana’s family is hoping to get her home on a medical transport flight to London.

She wrote: “We are trying to raise £50,000 so that she can return to her family and friends as quickly as possible and get the best medical care possible to make a full recovery.”

Friends, family and well-wishers have so far raised more than £15,000.

Ivana has been described as an “inspirational” woman with the “brightest smile and most selfless soul”.

“Ivana is a loving daughter, a cherished sister, a protective aunt and loyal friend,” the campaign page reads.

“At her core she is a girl who loves life and lives every day as an adventure but she also lives to help people and the environment.

“She has travelled the world looking for new adventures and experiences and flourishes on making new friends and finding ways to help people.”

Ivana was working as a yoga instructor at Hangtime Hostel near Matara.

Close friend Felix Rohlin wrote on Facebook: “An incredible woman and good friend of mine Ivana Tensek has had the worst imaginable accident happen to her.

“The injuries are severe and she needs help.”

To donate visit the GoFundMe page.


  1. Hi Admin. I have done my bit for Sri Lanka. They should not spoil the name of Ceylon under any cost.
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  2. “as quickly as possible”
    The British Sun newspaper has taken them off.may be MI5/MI6
    Sounds like a George Zimmerman collection in a hurry.
    £19,569 in 2 days from 317.

    • They should not use the misery of Sri lanka after Tsunami to hoodwink the international public of UK.
      Was this an intentional accident at Matara with the assistance of locals?
      Brazilian says 12 hours operation but no doctor’s report. –(she had a paid for translator)
      `Avonmore and Brook Green` is an electoral ward in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham London but not the hospital. Why get in touch with Sun newspaper of Scotland?? Sun has deleted the page because there is no evidence and she was in a hurry to leave SL because she was on benefit and should not leave for more than 3 weeks?
      The danger woman from Brazil writing in Portuguese is a preacher of Christ with own ministry and Brazilian followers only – see the eyes. (From Nigerian e-mail spam to advance Brazilian banking spam is common in the UK)
      Both have risen together in 5 years why so when even Jesus was not sure of the cross at Gethsemane and had tears in his eyes.
      Biblical story in the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus Christ was said to have resurrected a dead child with the words “Talitha cumi” This is of 2012.
      Ivana is an adventure freak and like most surfers have to exercise and use the hip commercial yoga art. In the land of associations anyone becomes teacher after hours of attendance.
      Croatian Ivana’s page: The fudge in 2012 did not work right.
      Fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

  3. “”but she is in a stable but critical situation “”
    After thought: its a very conflicting report. and money is collected on the web and there are no accounts. even charities of UK need not give accounts and are above FIA. Then the case of south American shooting a black in the USA- his sis collected $1/2 million and cooly pumped it off to offshore then on court order the FBI was involved.
    I happen to know most of the Chief Consultant Orthopaedics at UCLH (since I live stone’s throw at westminster) and the procedure is nuclear medicine- there are several for different body parts. If you do not have the money they perform it free even for tourist. You have to go through physio on your own (they won’t massage you but teach- thats is the trick with lazy folk or pay £ 45 per hour at a private physio who would massage – it make take 6 months to heal or less.)
    We were never told where the billions of Tsunami were spent even though school kids broke their piggy banks to donate.
    If you were German then that operation is a human right.- when you go skiing and break your leg. They take 2 weeks at hospital and 2 weeks care at home (all covered except the ski holiday fees paid) then the next week your boss meet you at office saying welcome back.- this is natural German care and human rights.

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