Security beefed up in Pallai following shooting incident

Security has been beefed up in Pallai following a shooting incident targeting a Police vehicle.

Shots had been fired towards the Police car last night but no one was injured.

A search operation was launched in the area today and security was beefed up.



  1. Current Sri Lankan Prime Minister doesn’t understand Tamils well. If you give too much freedom to Tamils; they will use it against you, and they will also use it against their own leaders and intellectuals. We have seen this reality in Sri Lanka during the last three decades of brutal war.

    Until they change their ideology, you must keep them in tight control. Changing ideology may take few decades. MR administration understands this particular issue very well.

  2. Did TNA or any Tamil Party condemn the attack? Kallathonies who are supporters of Terrorism will never do so.

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