President Sirisena notes IPKF failed to defeat the LTTE

President Maithripala Sirisena today noted that the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) had failed in its mission to defeat the LTTE.

He said Sri Lanka had to turn to India when several attempts at defeating the LTTE had failed.

However he said even the IPKF failed and eventually the local military defeated the LTTE in May 2009.

President Sirisena was speaking at the main ceremony held at the war memorial in Kotte to commemorate eight years since the end of the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The history says that IPKF is foreign Military troops had been an invaded by power of Indian hegemony?

    The IPKF has violated all norms by intervention of Island national sovereignty, territorial integrity, Independence and democracy of Sri Lankan by blessing of UNP–JRJ led misrule governances.

    Yes I having differences political path of with LTTE -Tamil-chauvinist of Terrorist ,but at that time LTTE fought against IPKF is a right-step? Yes

    Any type of Terrorism has certain root cause in our own soil. It may be south-JVP and north -LTTE in fact several ruling parties in power since 1948 an intentionally dodge key issues we have been confrontation of several years>

    Those issues Terrorism has to been address by Ruling parties in power by elected govt. of people majority democracy.

    The democracy of elected govt. has every right to safeguard vital interest protected from Terrorism .
    Therefor that is sovereignty of nation and country is key role has to play by Elected govt. of Sri Lanka.

    UNP-JRJ since 1977 to failed delivered key issues by IPKF Indian intervention. UNP is party always undermined national sovereignty.

    In fact IPKF is foreign army. The LTTE fought against IPKF is just cause. We have appreciated LTTE had will power to fought against IPKF.

    I too agreed with LTTE resistance against IPKF just cause of War for right of nation sovereignty .

    That credit should give LTTE, is the right analysis truth of History

  2. “However he said even the IPKF failed and eventually the local military defeated the LTTE in May 2009.”
    It was moral for India’s RAW to create LTTE and other organisations like USA and coalition creating the rebels at Syria.
    The demala always fights for sinhala speaking demala blood brother.
    According to study and survey by the west So called sinhala have 28% Bangladeshi DNA and dress the same(Pala dynasty) & the demalas have 21% Bangladeshi DNA.
    Thanks to the defeat you have made it clearer to the world that the portuguese transported a major portion of today’s inhabitants to work there. Princesses Braganza’s dowry of Bombay to Charles 2nd of England in 1661
    Till 1947 the island was under British Raj and ruled from mother india.
    Modi is being kind but now your sale of a future nuclear base at Colombo to China does not auger well for the west. In the worst scenario the island would end up like north korea and south korea ruled by India and china or india only as Trump likes it.
    Republican Hindu congress.

  3. Indians are the creators of LTTE
    The camps in India run by RAW are well documented
    Having created the tiger cub India soonrealised the adult tiger is more than a handful with its own agenda and not of the creator.
    Rest is history and read at you leisure.
    However the tragedy for my Motherland is what India could not achieve through their failed Tiger adventure they now firmly on the drivers seat in rapidly sneezing Sri Lanka with economic strangulation.

    • It took America 60 years to spawn a Bin Larden after unelected President Truman carved it out in the sub continent.
      Nehru wanted Lanka to be a part of India. War never ended with LTTE. The injured jawans of New delhi are as bitter as you.
      Your DNA component is 28% bangaladeshi Now you know where you came from.
      Like the Diego Garcians you will be made to run to Africa within 50 years or sooner.
      Diego Garcia is about to go back to Mauritius by international court order and Trump does not mind it.
      you live like a frog in a well thinking your pirated island belongs to you.

  4. Mr Sirisena is correct. If great Sri Lankan hero Mahinda Rajapaksa did not become President, Sri Lanka will be still in the Tamil Terrorist fire ball. Mr Sirisena should thank Mahinda Rajapaksa for bringing peace to Sri Lanka.

  5. New Delhi created the LTTE, but it didn’t want blood on its hands. Therefore, IPKF left Sri Lanka; but India allowed the Sri Lankan government to eliminate the LTTE, so it could control the Sri Lankan government under war crimes.

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