Northern Tamils commemorate victims of the war

Tamils in the North began commemorating the war dead as the country prepares to celebrate eight years since the defeat of the LTTE this week.

Northern Provincial Council members held events in parts of the North to remember the victims of the bitter conflict by lighting oil lamps.

More events are to be held today leading upto Thursday when the main event will be staged in Mullivaikkal.

Hundreds of Tamils were killed in Mullivaikkal during the final stages of the war between the military and the LTTE.

The current has government assured justice for the victims. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If Tamil leaders have little brain, little love for their people they would have found a solution long time ago. There was no need to take arms to kill innocent people. Tamil leaders are the least when it comes to honoring smart people. Tamils don’t know the value of unity, the foreign powers can easily use Tamil leaders, in order to impose the foreign agendas. After three decades of useless war, still Tamil leaders would do anything to undermine their smart Tamils.

  2. The current ruling party headed by “Rainbow collation” of UNP -Ranil W… of Old leader –UNP and MS is new UNP leader and CBK of Federalist of the Tamil decedent are left and right encouraging and promoting by split of an Island for Tamil-Federal regime in North.

    That is why reawaking of LTTE is beginning new Terror act in North supported by TNA and NC of Chief Minister of C.Wignasraim are behind that.

    Needless to say is current dangerous trend of serious of violence’s by New LTTE splinter groups working 24 hours in day and night for splitting activities in an Island wide.!

    They are against majority rights of democracy by advocating Tamil-Chauvinist in North has started to undermined democracy of Ballots.

    The New LTTE forces want replace instead of Ballot by Gun-Rule politics against in North.

    They have given an opportunity to free-hand for the Tamil-Federalism by ruling Ranil ..W..and CBK by
    so-called “reconciliation politics” of Western vested interest and hegemony of Indian BJP politics of Hinduism?

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