TNA raises concerns on delay of new Constitution

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has raised concerns over the delay to create a new Constitution.

The TNA informed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi it expected the new Constitution to be ready last year.

The concerns were raised when the TNA, led by R. Sampanthan, had talks with Modi in Colombo today.


  1. Losers sucking up the foreigners. The Sri Lankan Tamil leaders are the voice of foreign powers; they are not the voice of Tamils or Sri Lanka.

    The new constitution will not make them honest to Tamils or to Sri Lanka. In fact nothing will make them honest; they will die as they are…

    There was a time Tamils were representing the majority Sinhalese under the British rule. This had been done to divide Sinhalese and Tamils. The British rulers gave wrong ideas to Tamils. This is the reason Tamils never went for a solution, even though they had opportunities to find a solution since the independence. The British love Tamils, because Tamils wholeheartedly follow the foreign powers, no questions asked. The Sri Lankan Tamil political leaders did not demand for federal system or even a separate state under the British ruling; because the British spoiled Tamils by giving too much as minority.

    The Sri Lankan Tamil leaders’ request was granted long time ago by the Sinhalese leaders, but the Tamil leaders weren’t smart enough to accept it. Tamil leaders always look for ways to create disasters not solutions. The federal solution was suggested by S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike in 1926. The Kandyan Sinhala leaders recommended a federal arrangement of two units for Sinhalese and one unit comprising the North–East for Tamils in 1927, but the Tamil leaders opposed it .

    Second opportunity came when G G Ponnambalam was the leader; Sinhalese generously agreed for 40:60 solution even though Tamils’ population wasn’t 40% at that time. But Tamil leaders rejected it and wanted 50:50; later on decided to take arms from New Delhi to kill their fellow countrymen. Then the third opportunity came through Indo-Lanka agreement. Again the Tamil leaders rejected the good offer, but decided to listen to the West, and turned their guns towards their fellow Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and Indians.

    If Tamil leaders have little brain, little love for their people they would have found a solution long time ago. Tamil leaders are the least when it comes to honoring smart people. Tamils don’t know the value of unity, the foreign powers can do wonders among Tamils because of their divisions. Jealousy is eating Tamils. Tamils would do anything to undermine their fellow Tamils, even if they have to join with foreign powers.

    I have been living in Jaffna since August 2015. I have been to many public events. Indian High Commission and the Westerners are the VIPs for those events, but not smart Tamils or Sinhalese. It is clear Tamils have no intention to move forward, other than carrying on their useless path as in the past. Therefore, sharing power with Tamils is sharing power with foreign powers; this will lead to disaster. Literally the government has to be on its knees to please the foreign powers; if it shares power with Tamil leaders.

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