Modi’s views on caste hierarchy a malignant cancer

The abominable 30 year barbaric war ended up by massacring thousands of innocent human beings, devastating billions from government coffers and extorting hard earned dollars and starlings from Tamils living abroad was not a result generating strife. Tamils in foreign soils didn’t realize the background clearly to understand the real issue of the LTTE.

Actually this dissension in a critical form cropped up several decades back. All because one of our political leaders, who were adamant to become the head of the country, issued an election pledge to make Sinhala the official language within 24 hours, and make Buddhism the State religion.

Indian Govt. at that time has made Hindi her official language which inspired SWRD to follow the same. 75% of the entire population was Sinhala Buddhists and he was dead sure they will cast their votes for him which will enable him to become the Prime Minister of the country.

Let me elaborate this misadventure from the beginning. SWRD was a son of a wealthy aristocrat. He was an Anglican Christine. When he was riding on the horse back, passerby get into the gutter and remove the neck towel as a mark of respect. Labour women in his estates were not allowed to cover their upper body. They were topless. May be that they were low caste people.

For 1956 election with the aforesaid pledges, he became the Prime Minister. Tamils kicked out Sinhalese who were in Jaffna and riot cropped up. He signed a pact with Tamil Leader Chelvanayagam to allocate from Manner to Jaffna and Jaffna to Batticalo for Tamils. Demarcated the same in the map. Because he was adamant to hang on to power. Riot started. A Buddhist monk shot at him.

Since Kandy period where there was a Tamil king Buddhist clergies in Srilanka was attacked with this caste cancer and it cannot be annihilate now. Laymen do not adhere to it so strongly, but monks who started with Siam Nikaya strictly confirmed it to Radala and Goigama castes. Subsequently all the other Nikayas implemented and structured their Nikaya system on caste hierarchies that their Teacher abhorred totally which is clearly annunciated in the Pharad Sutta. Even with regard to Indian Brahmins Buddha made a distinct clarification by the Gatha, NAJACHCAHOTI BRAHMANO.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi broke the crust of the upper cast with his brillant victory over Brahmin and Kshsthriya castes nearly 70 decades after independence which is something worth of mediation.

Indian Prime Minister, is not from a Kshastriya or Brahamin or any other so-called upper caste, but supposed to be from a lower caste. He is from a caste as some may have branded as, ‘Oil pressing caste. ‘Chekkali  Mundan’.It was a profession. Not a birthright. If he had possessed an oil Mill, perhaps could he be called a Chekkali Brahmin? India has twisted what few thousand years back Aryans who migrated first to Mohanjodaro during the great flood occurred in Mesopotamia and Ur regions established four groups of professions in the society.  Later these professions have multiplied today   up – to 3000 according to a research.  So now there are more than 3000 castes in India. Earlier terms were Srenis or Varna vadaya. Caste is a Portuguese term. Primitive Indian Pundits have made this a diabolical issue to suppress poor people by powerful groups. The so-called caste hierarchy now has become a cancer. An incurable cancer in this monumental landmass of India. It is an alien subject to western people. If this cancer could be cured, societies and the countries could be easily developed. Otherwise this cancer would be an indelible malignant. It is good and praiseworthy if the Hon. Prime Minister could gradually systematize the society and cure this social malady! He has the guts, he has the power, he has the support.Let him in due course of time take a remedial measure to wipe out what is unwanted for the 21st century. He very well has realized the sufferings undergone by poor Dalit people in India.

Narendra Damodards Modi was borne and brought up in Vadnagar. A town North of Gujarath with a history of more than 2000 years . It is few miles away from ancient Sinhapur or Sihor in Gujarath,where there was a massive forest that Indian lions were living. This has the connection to the yarn that Suppadevi of Vanga met a lion and lived in a cave in the jungle, where Vijaya, the son of Sinha Bahu and Sinha Seevali, sailed with a retinue of 700  and landed in Lanka in 543 BC. It was the year of Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana had taken place, according to Sri Lankan Chronicle, Mahavansa. The author of this ancient piece of literature compiled in the 5th century minus proper evidence and facts. He says this event marked the origination of the Sinhala race. This has a controversy; however, Sri Lanka has a long relationship with Gujarath where Modi served well as the Chief Minister for three consecutive terms.  Mr.Modi started his life as a tea seller. It is nothing wrong in it! His dazzling ascent from that low job to the top most job in this vast India is an amazingly rewarding! It is an unprecedented phenomenon where historians will take years to analyze. He is familiar with the masses from bottom to top. Dalits to Brahmins. He will generally look after 1.6 billion of population in India with special emphasis on the lower class whom he has to uplift to uplift the entire vast country for amicable living. Unlike many previous leaders in India Narendra Modi is not from upper Brahmin caste but from lower middle class. He has a modest upbringing that stands in contrast to that of his chief political rivals. I am sure he will deliver the goods what National Congress could not do during the past 60 odd years. But of course he needs time!

Papers were commenting that after the election people are expecting excellent road net work, nice buildings, better jobs, cars and luxury in modern India. People may have got the inspiration from present Sri Lanka where infrastructure development activities are unprecedented. But he may not kick out Brahmins and upper class. They have the money. They have the power. Without them PM, possibly can’t develop the country. He must be very shrewd and tactful.

He will get the support from China, Japan and Singapore. He will undoubtedly follow the steps taken by Sri Lankan Government, which is paramount for economic development.

What went wrong in Sri Lanka was, Prabakaran wanted to kick out the Brahmin type upper class, Vellalas who were harassing the low caste people in the North and East. I wish to quote a few paragraphs from my book on Sociology,`Pre Historic Lanka to end of Terrorism’, published in America couple of  years back, where I have with facts and figures substantiated the reasons for a 30 year war. (P.9- Tamil community had valid grounds to create dissension and conflict in the society. In nineteen fifties there was in the parliament a very ferocious Tamil politician who did not allow low caste people to enter their Kovils to make obeisance. They were scolded hammered and driven away. Lots of harassments were meted out to them by their land lords who were mostly Vellalas. In this situation country cannot forget the MP late Mr.Suntharlingam in early fifties.

These Vellalas were got down by Dutch from Tanjore for farming purposes. They earned plenty of money and purchased lands. Ultimately became land lords in the region. They treated low caste people most dastardly. One Scandinavian lady made an extensive research in the Tamil society in the North and released a publication where she had highlighted so many harassments to low caste people. For an example in a working place where all of them are working together, if a low caste person accidently touches a food parcel of a high caste, it won`t be consumed. It would be thrown away stating it got polluted.

If an outcaste is in urgent need of transport, usually as a result of accident, illness or complicated childbirth someone has to go to the neighbouring village, perhaps 5 kilo meters away to get a taxi. High caste taxi drivers close by will never oblige, even the person died they are not concerned. She had quoted so many similar situations.

Mostly women and elderly men in high caste categories were strongly caste conscious.

Caste system has given rise to serious social evils. It denied certain civil and religious rights to a large number of people and let to the oppressions and exploitations one caste by another, which proved a constant source of discontent or unrest.(p.149 the religion of the Hindus by Kenneth Moron)

Classic instant was that of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanaathen, a recognized Tamil leader, who opposed the introduction of Adult franchise on the ground that it would give the lower caste the right of vote. He also against the tradition of equal seating and commensurate in Jaffna schools.(James Russel-Ceylon Tamils and Donoughmore Commission.p.21)

Govt.issued The Social Disability Act, 1957, forbidding caste discrimination by land lords and other upper class and high caste elites but they did not pay any heed.

From the government side there were discriminations too. Perhaps because during the British period most of the higher places in the government service had been offered to them In order to create a divide and rule policy. Later found the qualifications submitted by most of the selected candidates were bogus.

One of the Ministers of the UNP Cabinet, Hon.Minister  D.K.Mathew made an extensive research with academics and issued two publications to this effect. However if Tamils have been recognized as citizens of the country, no discriminations should have been meted out to them. They were not second class citizens. Prabhakaran along with 25 other groups started their attack on two targets. To annihilate the so-called high caste elites and against Sinhala government for discrimination.  Prabhakaran launched his struggle on both this targets by killing the the Tamil Mayor of Jaffna. His brutalities had no bound. Once in a farm in the North, Aranthalawa, if I can correctly remembered, where his Tigers hacked to death several Sinhala poor families including pregnant women and children. One bus load of Buddhist monks who had gone for a religious ceremony was mercilessly shot down. In the Wesak month of 1985,in Anuradhapura in the Sri Maha Bodhiya premises there was a blood bath where 70 male Upasakas and women who were observing Sil mercilessly shot down. Suicide bombers blasted in many crowded places and massacred so many innocents including their own Tamils. Suicide bombers attempted to massacre former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Murdered prominent politician viz.Gamini Dissanayake, John Fernandopulle,and several others including brilliant academic Neelam Thiruchelvam. There were no limits for their genocides. At the last stage when they were rounded up to a jungle patch by the military they grabbed over 200,000 civilians as human shields.

One Tamil medical student tried to escape and he was killed, mutilated and displayed stating this would be the outcome if anybody tries to escape. Their brutalities were so abominable. When the Red Cross and Security services made possible attempts to rescue innocent civilians Tiger cubs shot most of them from behind even children and pregnant women.

These horrendous incidents were published in almost all local papers and electronic media. Sometime back with the Norwegian peace Council government offered them a political solution. But Prabhakaran was not prepared to accept it. He was adamant to have military solution. Mainly because, their community supporters in foreign soils pressed him to continue the war by giving assurance to funding sufficiently and provide sophisticated powerful weapons. Money was pouring from Tamil supporters from foreign countries as a result he led a posh life in bunkers and massacred most of the high caste people by tying them to lamp posts.

Even his leader who incited to take weapons against the government, Mr.Amirthalingam was bumped off. Innocent people including Tamils were died in cross-fire. But he didn’t bother at all. His supporters in foreign countries extorted money from Tamil immigrants, retain few percentage and sent millions over to Prabhakaran. They were adamant to have a separate region for prestige sake. If that happened leaders and their henchmen would have been better off, but the ordinary Tamils who find unable to meet both ends will suffer immensely. It would have been inevitable. Perpetuated heinous crimes committed by Prabhakaran were purely on the strength of the millions he received from Tamil Diaspora in foreign soils. They too should take the responsibility of devastating Sri Lanka, particularly in the north massacring innocent people, including their kith and kin in the country with sophisticated weapons supplied by them. Moreover ,internal complexity in the Sri Lankan Tamil community has not exploited well as such Tamils themselves were still in a quandary as to what genuine objective Tigers had in their target aimed at the envisaged separatism- war. If the LTTE won the expected separate state for them to govern, they will never allow, never entertain high caste people migrated to other countries of their community to step in because they have well realized the suppression they had under them. If somebody well analyze from the very inception of Velupillai Prabhakaran’s attacks he had selectively aimed at high caste Tamils and generally against Sinhala army. That suggests his bitterness was more towards his own high caste people whom he and his colleagues treated as number one enemy in the Tamil society in the North. Present Provincial Council where mostly consists with TNA members who are more proned to the philosophy of Prabhakaran eager to established an autonomy as prbhakaran dreamt.  They should make an attempt to understand that and do something to the battered community in the North.

Indian Govt. had a suspicion when Tamil Nadu was giving the LTTE an underhand support whether they had an internal plan to attack the Indian main Govt. with the help of a separate Eelam State created in the North of Sri Lanka and then get amalgamated with Tamil Nadu in order to fight with the Indian Govt. to curve a separate State in the South India. Rajiv Gandhi who smelled this dispatched an IPKF battalion in consultation with the President J.R.Jayawardana in order to crush the LTTE .Till late when the former Chief Minister was living,Tamil Nadu is still obsessed with this dream. It was to revenge this situation LTTE planned and killed Rajiv Gandhi…….

Prime Minister Modi requested Mahindra Rajapaksha to implement the 13th amendment fully.  Why would sober Vanni Tamils want the 13th amendment to legitimize upper caste local Rajas the land owning Kavarakkadu aristocracy?

Susma Swaraj who had visited Sri Lanka earlier and had discussions with Political Leaders, knows the contents in the 13th Amendment. She will advise the Prime Minister when the right time comes.

Mind you! Being the Prime Minister his prime responsibility is to maintain peace in the entire country. He has to develop the country. Develop citizens, Fatten the economy.