No decision yet on future of Anti-Corruption Secretariat

The Prime Minister’s office says there is no decision yet on the future of the Anti-Corruption Committee Secretariat.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s office said that the future of the Anti-Corruption Committee Secretariat will be based on the recommendations of a committee tasked with submitting proposals on the future operations of the Secretariat.

The Prime Minister’s office said that a committee comprising of officials from the Anti-Corruption Committee Secretariat, the Bribery and Corruption Commission and the Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) and preparing a set of recommendations.

The committee will propose if to close the Anti-Corruption Committee Secretariat, merge it with the other bodies involved in fighting corruption or expand its scope.

Last November it was proposed to establish a fully powered Serious Fraud Office in Sri Lanka which is similar to the Serious Frauds Office in United Kingdom.

It was decided last November to continue the operations of the Anti-corruption Committee Secretariat which was established in 2015 until a Serious Fraud Office is introduced. (Colombo Gazette)