CWC accuses Digambaram of attempting to block Modi meet

The Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) today accused Minister Palani Digambaran of attempting to prevent CWC members and supporters from meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Sri Lanka visit.

CWC Central Provincial Council member Kanapathy Kanagaraj said that the Indian High Commission in Colombo has invited the CWC to attend a public meeting at Norwood grounds with Modi on Friday.

Kanagaraj told reporters at a media briefing today that nearly 30,000 CWC supporters are scheduled to attend the public meeting on Friday.

He says the CWC visited the Norwood grounds yesterday to inspect the facilities for the CWC supporters.

However he says Minister Digambaram prevented the CWC from entering the Norwood grounds saying the CWC will not be allowed to attend Friday’s meeting.

Kanagaraj says Digambaram threatened the CWC members who attempted to enter the Norwood grounds and a police complaint was filed against the Minister. (Colombo Gazette)